Smile for the camera!

Hey there, it’s been a minute but I’m here today to share a project with you I made using Christmas Photo Booth Props file from The Cutting Cafe.  This file was super fun to play with, the images cut really easily and adding embellishments was a snap!!  You wanna add a little fun and humor to your holiday photos?!  Head on over to The Cutting Cafe and get this file for yourself!!  Don’t have a cutting machine? No problem, you can print out the pdf files and cut with scissors!!

Check out below for more details on how I pulled each piece together.  Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!!


Santa's hat and glasses!!  I used some matching papers to embellish the hat and some flat-back rhinestones to embellish the glasses here, I think that finished them off quite nicely!!

These reindeer antlers are so stinking cute!!  I used a versa mark pen to make the lines all over the antlers and added some extra fine gold embossing powder to make them look more realistic.  I also added these to scrap pieces from one of the eye glasses cut out and created the ears for either side of the antlers!!  Last minute add on but so cute!!

Here's just a few of the other props I chose to use:  the pipe (can you see the smoke coming out the top) :o); I had already cut the round glasses but what fun they are so I had to do the rectangle shaped ones too!!  I also use a piece of clear card stock from The Cutting Cafe between the layers of both pair of glasses to give them finished feel! The bow tie is just to cute NOT to have cut and embellished!!  LOL!

Last, but CERTAINLY NO LESS, here comes Santa Claus!!!  Oh, when I had the idea to grab some of my pillow stuffing materials to embellish these babies I was dancing a jig!!  It finished it off so well!!  I love it!!  You could also get this same effect using cotton balls all pulled apart!!


Katydid Cards said…
I can't see your pictures for some reason. I'll check back later to see if it's a problem with my computer.
Crafty Lee said…
Thank you Katydid for your comment, can you try again, I made some adjustments, I'm hoping you can see the photos now! Thanks again!!

Katydid Cards said…
I can see them now. So glad I came back and I wouldn't want to miss this adorableness! So sweet! Thank you for sharing your talents.
María Pilar said…
Beautiful projects for this holidays, Chauntelle!

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