Friday, April 21, 2017

Let's Get Organized!

Hey there, Chauntelle here, thanks for stopping by my blog today!! For this week's Cutting Cafe Post we were challenged to post some pics of our crafty space!!  What I've learned is this; although it doesn't take a large space to craft there is a definite need to keep things organized, otherwise it can get out of control!!  LOL!  So today I'd like to share with you two of my most "purchased" items and how I've chosen to store them.  

My clear and rubber stamp collections in my mind are a little crazy!!  I love sentiment stamps, animal stamps, background stamps, cute stamps of people (I really love them all) lol.  This space is still under some construction, I'm trying to decide how to categories them (by company, by occasion, etc) but for the most part they are all here and somewhat organized.  

Some of the draws are labeled on the outside already but the ones on the right I know what's in them....The Cutting Cafe Shop happens to have its own draw!!  These bins have all been purchased from Walmart Stores and fit perfectly under my work desk.  This keeps them close to me so I can just reach down and grab a stamp in the midst of my creative time!

I am also a huge "Card Kit" buyer and they were starting to outgrow the small space where they were stored above my desk.  I found these bins at Staples (on sale (yaass)) and I'm really loving this new solution. 

 Check out this video I posted really diving into how its done!

Whelp, I think that's all I've got!!  Thanks for stopping by today! Let me know your thoughts and/or suggestions about how I can best categories my stamp collections, I'd love to hear your input!!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!!