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Season for Gift Giving

Hey my crafty friends!!  Today I'd like to share with you my design team post for The Cutting Cafe - December 21st post!!  This week was a free week....Christmas themed; which was perfect for the holiday season and opportunity to fill that "last minute" Christmas gift giving list!
Do you know the farmer who had a dog??  What was his name??  BINGO!!  Oh, yes!! LOL!!
Bingo was a favorite game of my family's when we were growing up; the song and the board game!  Well guess who has a Christmas BINGO game in their shop??  The Cutting Cafe does!!  Yes, yes and I just had to create one.  I plan to present the game at Christmas, pull it out for the family to play and give a gift to the winner(s)...I bought three gifts - the fourth gift will be the BINGO game set!

Christmas is one week away and I can't wait to present the family with our new "Holiday Game"; I'm hoping it will become a new tradition for us!!
I'm sending prays and blessings out to each and eve…